React version 1.8.6 getting to work on fresh machine

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kgobel asked 10 months ago


It would be nice if either the seed project or the full project worked out of the box.

Tried with both yarn and npm and all the npm scripts fail. I’ve tried on windows, and also on the nodejs docker image.

Both fail on the JSX in the main.js, and then many more errors with standard node module imports.

Looks to be issue in either the webpack config, or some type of babel errors (there’s no babelrc file), but yeah it’s not recognizing the jsx.

I will debug issue when I get more time, but having either of these projects work would be awesome.

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MyOrange Staff answered 10 months ago

Your input will be very much appreciated. My developer is actually on leave for the new year, and it looks like mostly all users are reporting this error. I am sending you an invite to the bitbucket account, hopefully we can resolve this sooner than later.