[NG4] Internationalization only work in navigation

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Portekoi asked 3 months ago

It seem’s internationnalization only work in the navigation component.
I’ve try to add, for example, {{‘Home’ | i18n}} on a wizard page but it only work when page loading.  If i change language after the pageload, it do not working.
Any ideas?

2 Answers
Sunny Staff answered 3 months ago

SA is not a full working application. The navigation i18n is an example only, if you need to convert other parts of the template, please use the examples we set for navigation on other elements. See the documentation for i18n for additional support.

Portekoi replied 3 months ago

Thanks but I search all last night and I do not see in navigation anything. I see the call to i18n.module in navigation.module.ts but nothing else. Can you give more elements about it in SA?

Portekoi answered 3 months ago

I continue in my researches but I do not understand why it’s not working.
When page load, I see my text translate but when I change the language, only navigation and header are updated.