Integrating SmartAdmin and extensions

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Yash.K asked 10 months ago

I want to use the ‘Data Tables (v1.10)‘ component that came along with SmartAdmin Angular 2 framework (, and want to implement/extend most of the features listed here, which are not included in SA-datatable by default. For example –
* Fixed Header
* Fixed left Columns
* Scroller
I tried some of these, but it does not work.
Has anyone in this forum used/accomplished the above? Does it work? I am not sure if there are any issues with the framework or if I am missing something.
I am looking for some documentation on –
* Steps on what needs to be done to accomplish this
* What components/packages/libraries needs to be installed
* Sample script/snippets on how these features are implemented
Any information or directions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Yash.K answered 10 months ago

Hi, I noticed the SmartAdmin Angluar 2 template link I mentioned got changed, the new link is –
Has anyone integrated extensions with SmartAdmin Angular 2 template to achieve Fixed Header, Fixed left columns and Scroller?

Yash.K replied 10 months ago

This is the SmartAdmin DataTable I am referring to –