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MyOrange Staff asked 3 years ago

Please note this public forum designed to act like ‘stackoverflow’ – we encourage everyone to help each other and answer each others questions.

Important! For faster responses please make sure you tick off the following:

  • #1010 Make sure your question was not asked previously. All repeated questions will automatically be closed or deleted by our staff without any notice. (we would like to keep this forum as constructive and educative as possible, having repeated questions will cause confusion and cluttered information)
  • #1011 You have gone through the documentation and was unable to find a solution (sometimes the documentation may not have clear facts, you are encouraged to ask here for any clarification)
  • #1012 You have not changed the physical / DOM structure of the template
  • #1013 You have not included additional scripts that maybe conflicting with the theme plugins (there are thousands of plugins on the internet and we obviously did not have the resource to check for compatibility of every jquery plugin on the internet with SmartAdmin)
  • #1014 You have uploaded your scenario to a server for us to see and debug the issue (screenshots MUST be provided if it is a visual related issue)
  • #1015 You MUST provide the version of SmartAdmin you are using (for example HTML_Version 1.4.1)
  • #1016 You MUST provide your screen resolution, your browser version and your OS (for example, I am using Internet Explorer 11 in 1920×760 resolution, and my system is windows 8.1)
  • #1017 Please note for all licensing related questions, you will need to email OR you can check out the Help Center (
  • #1018 Please note we do not provide extended support for third party plugins (combining two or more plugins to achieve certain result), but you are still encouraged to ask and someone who had similar experience maybe be able to relate and help.

What we (MyOrange) actually support…

Dear customers, please understand that we produce ‘Front-End’ templates to help you save time and speed up your project. We do not offer tutorials on “how to implement” or offer support for plugin customization.


I have purchased a copy of your theme from another website, do I still get your support?

All our themes are sold exclusively on, if you downloaded our themes from elsewhere it will be an illegal copy of the theme. You will NOT be eligible for support or upgrades. Please note we do random audits for all of our products – which can result in heavy fines when caught without a proper licensed copy. Furthermore, when you download from an unknown website you are prone to hidden miscellaneous codes, virus infected files and everything else that follows with most “cracked” software.


Rules for reporting bugs:

  • #1119 Please first make sure if your bug has already been reported (
  • #1120 You MUST provide a screenshot of the bug (for all visual related issues)
  • #1121 You MUST provide a JS fiddle or the steps needed to reproduce the bug
  • #1122 You MUST NOT add your own scripts

(Please only ask if it is not mentioned in our docs)

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