AngularJS_2.x build/compile instructions using angular-cli and Visual Studio 2015

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crl asked 11 months ago

I am a .net developer and I am new to Angular. I have been trying to get the full version project to build in VS 2015 and also from the command line and not having much success. Do you have build instructions that I can follow for both? I saw a reference in the comments on the sales site that you would provide these instructions to someone if they made a request on the support site so I thought I would try that. I have been through the SmartAdmin documentation and did not see them. I tried npm install. I am not sure if the build is supposed to create a version in the dist directory to be run by node or IIS. When I point IIS to the full-version of the dist folder, the app works great. I am hoping to find the right way to build the project in and out of VS to create a new dist folder for deployment in IIS.
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crl replied 11 months ago

I see that Visual Studio Code may make building it easier so if you think that is better and also have instructions on that, I would appreciate it seeing them. thanks.

crl replied 11 months ago

I do see in the DEVELOPER\AngularJS_2.x\ file that you go to http://localhost:4200/ to test. That was the part I was missing from the command line build and test. From other npm starts I had tried with other starter projects, the browser opened automatically and the port was 3000. I did not see http://localhost:4200/ in the html documentation so I recommend it be put in there. I also see om the readme that 'ng build' creates the dist folder contents so now I know how to do that as well.

If anyone has instructions on how to build in VS 2015 or VS Code, please let me know. thanks

kanthikp replied 8 months ago

Hi clr.. were you able to make angular2.x version work in VS-2015?

ckph_appdev replied 7 months ago


I am also facing the problem with smartadmin angular 2 version with asp net core web api. Does anyone have procedures or project template we could follow?

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