Angular 2 Datatable click event on row

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mbreland asked 7 months ago

I am trying to get the click event on a row using the <sa-datatable> selector of a component. Have tried several things but no luck (elementRef, ViewChild). Yes the select option is set to single:

 <sa-datatable id="customerTable" [options]="{
select: { style: 'single'},

New to angular 2 so examples would be great.

2 Answers
mbreland answered 7 months ago

I think I need to be a bit clearer. I am looking for the Typescript way to do this. I have seen the Javascript example using JQuery but that is not the Angular 2 way to do it; therefore, I need some help please.

mbreland answered 6 months ago

So no one has to click on a sa-datatable? I can’t believe someone hasn’t run up against this.