Heat up the rank with Google ranking

Google is the next operating system, no doubt. If Google was the power-on button for computers, then there will be no need to log on to windows. Weather you admit it or not, Google has changed and shaped our lives forever, for better and for worse.

Google has established itself as the most popular Web search engines of its time. Getting your site indexed by Google is a step closer to getting ranked by Google.  You will have to follow certain instructions and lay your site in a certain way for Google algorithm to pick up on your site ranking.

While there is no ‘witch-craft’ or wizardry to shortcut your way to Google rankings, there are rules however, which can aid Googlebots and help make sure that your site is okay with getting ranked.

Here are some tips to get a Higher Google Ranking:

  1. The site should have a clear hierarchy. Meaning the HTML heading codes – such as H1, H2, h3 etc, should follow the order.
  2. Begin with a strong introductory paragraph. Make sure to include certain keywords and phrases that unifies with that of the header and description tags.
  3. Have meaningful text links in all pages, not just “Click here…”
  4. Keep a link to an auto generated site map for your users with no more than 100 links, and an XML site map to be parsed to be Google.
  5. Google bots cannot read images, so try to keep all content and important information to text instead of images.
  6. Use CSS and Strict HTML, use HTML validator tools like (http://validator.w3.org/) to validate and syndicate of all syntax errors.

Ohh and I almost forgot – please please please put title on your pages. Just try typing “Untitled” on Google search and see how many results you get. Always write for your readers and not for Google.  The rule to getting a higher ranking is to have lots of websites linking to yours. The more linking you have the higher your rank will be in the Google universe.